Outbound Call Center Services

Expand your business and move your customers to the next phase of the customer value journey.


Outbound calls require a specific strategy in order to work. A successful outbound call starts within the first 10 seconds of a call, and a hang up can create unnecessary costs for the company. With the right team to do the outbound calls, the end goal for each call can be achieved better, more efficiently and can be the start of a long-term business relationship.

Telework PH has a dedicated team who can effectively do sales outreach via email or phone to boost your sales and marketing. We help take away the stress, cost, time, manpower and infrastructural needs that come with having an in-house outbound call center service.

For a company that stays true to its reputation as the top outbound call center solution and telemarketing service provider in the Philippines, strategy, tool and processes are what will make an effective outbound function. Our outbound call services include:

  • Lead Generation and Qualification

  • Market Research

  • Customer Verification

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Information Gathering

  • Follow-Ups

  • Telemarketing

  • Debt collection

Why Choose Us?

Telework PH Staff In Action

Telework PH’s outbound contact representatives have mastered the science and art of making successful outbound calls that turn into action, whether it be a sale, gathered information, debt collection, etc. They possess the necessary negotiation skills to close deals and get customers to make positive decisions for your company without acting compulsively. More importantly, they are well trained to develop and sustain long-term relationships.

Our Custom Methodology

Our psychology-based sales training is what helps our team get through any potential customers, whether B2B or B2C and trigger them make a purchase. We also take the time to do a deep dive on your target market, know how we can segment it, your competitor, industry, your product, its unique selling proposition and benefits.

Tools That Close Deals

Telework PH is committed to delivering a conversion-driven telemarketing function for your business. We keep ourselves abreast of the latest technologies and infrastructures that simplify, automate and follow through on all our communications with your potential clients. We employ omni channel communication, so we don’t miss out on opportunities and deals 24/7.

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